I moved to LA from Charlotte about 6 years ago and have covered scripts for Disney & Paramount.  I have a good grasp on story structure and what works and what doesn’t.  Unlike my fellow Analysts, I am not a budding screenwriter.  I just enjoy movies

Home Town:  Charlotte, NC

Favorite Movie:  There’s Something About Mary

Coverage For:  Paramount, Disney


I’m kinda the resident geek around here (Chip is pretty close).  I enjoy comic book and sci-fi films.  My advice is to write good characters PERIOD.

Home Town:  Wausau, WI

Favorite Movie:  Star Wars IV & The Avengers

Coverage For:  Miramax, 1492 Pictures, Platinum Dunes(Michael Bay’s Co.)



I moved to Los Angeles at 22 to be a screenwriter and although I still haven’t “made it”, it was the best decision of my life.  The knowledge, contacts & experience I’m getting analyzing scripts is the best experience I could ask for

Home Town:  Orlando, FL

Favorite Movie:  Pulp Fiction

Coverage For:  ICM, Disney, Gilbert Films, Paramount


I started my interest in movies and writing when I was in the 8th grade.  I had always been a fan of movies and had done some creative writing.  It wasn’t until my dad encouraged me take my writing and my love of movies and try them both.

Home Town:  Royal Oak, MI

Favorite Movie:  The Raiders of The Lost Ark movies.

Coverage For:  CAA, NewLine, UTA, Scott Rudin, WindDancer, Castle Rock



I’m the newest Analyst here and although most of the genres I prefer to read are thrillers(mostly political), horror and sci-fi are a close second.  I really enjoy the work that I do and look forward to reading your screenplay

Home Town:  Skokie, IL

Favorite Movie:  Network

Coverage For:  Universal,Film District. Imagine, Plan B