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If You Can Beat Script Coverage, You Can Own Hollywood

If You Can Beat Script Coverage, You Can Own Hollywood Well, the first step to script coverage is knowing what the term means. The coverage of a script generally consists of several elements and is designed to provide interested parties with a rundown of specifics regarding the script.   It is generally used for  grading screenplays […]

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Your Ultimate Guide To Screenwriters Guilds

The noble art of screenwriting is one of the most self satisfying careers that there are. The thrill of seeing your name attached to a screenplay for a great movie or TV series is second to none. But it’s not all trumpets and accolades. For every screenwriter who finally makes the big time, there are […]

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How to Sell a Screenplay…Like Realistically

I guess at one time or another, we’ve all had a screenplay that we thought had the potential to become a blockbuster movie. But unless you know how to sell a screenplay, whether your creation is good or not, it’s never going to get picked up. Working on the assumption that you have no experience […]

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